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These FSDS source files (FSCs) are projects that I have either completed and posted or have nearly completed. 
Download instructions:

Click on the text or image for each file. File size reflects that of the zipped file and not the actual FSC file.
Please read the disclaimer below before downloading.

NEW Sopwith Camel (2MB) NEW Junkers Ju-52 (1.2MB) NEW Eclipse 500 (700K)
Albatros D V (301k) TBM Avenger (715k) Claude (434k)
Amelia Earharts Lockheed Electra (348k) P-43 Lancer (489k) 3-bladed US WWII Prop (15k)
R-4B Hoverfly (473k) B-17G (530k) HH-43B Huskie (579k)
Pratt and Whitney Wasp Jr. (68k) Wright Cyclone 2600 (79k) Pratt and Whitney R-1830 (102k)
These FSCs are free to download. Please give credit to me and this site if posted as a complete model. These files cannot be used in whole or in part for any commercial project or I will hunt you down and make your life miserable - and yes, I do check. Please do not redistribute without written permission from the author. These file should not harm your computer or it's software, however I am not responsible if any such damage should occur. 

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